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Whether it be a talent, invention, product, or idea; if you’re looking to present your creativity at Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire, you’re in the right place.

How an individual or group displays a project determines what type of Maker he/she/they are. Read the descriptions below to determine which type of Maker you are. Click on a Maker type to read a description.

When you're ready, jump to the "Become a Maker" Application Form* to apply!

Booth/Exhibit Makers show their projects at Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire for the fun of it! These Makers want to inspire others with their creations and ideas, without selling anything or promoting a business, organization, or product. Price: Free (for non-commercial individuals/groups)


Commercial Makers are any small or large business, including non-profitable businesses. If a business would like to sell their own creations at Maker Faire, they are welcome to do so as a Commercial Maker. Commercial Makers are responsible for their own business transactions. Price: non-profit$50, 1-49 employees$250, 50+ employees$350


Workshop Makers or Presentation Makers demonstrate and/or teach a specific skill set.
A Presentation Maker shows or speaks about their certain topic in a fun and fascinating way.
A Workshop Maker makes their presentation engaging by involving hands-on activities for the passing audience. Price: Free (for non-commercial individuals/groups)

Workshop or Presentation

Performing Makers display their creativity through song, dance, comedy, and other live acts. These Makers are typically onstage, and anything extra you might need will be conversed about during application. Diversity is favored— if you have a performing talent, we want to hear about it! Price: Free (for non-commercial individuals/groups)


Exhibiting Sponsors are looking to secure a booth or space for their business or project at Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire, but have already sponsored the event. Exhibiting Sponsors receive several benefits above the Commercial Maker because of their support. Head towards the "Sponsor" page to learn how to become a sponsor!

Exhibiting Sponsor

Questions? Comments? Feel free to email the team at info@makerfairewenatchee.com. We're happy to hear from you!

* The application form is an application, not a confirmation. All applications will be reviewed, but not all applications will be accepted.