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Quater wave amateur radio antenna

It provides good performance combined with an omnidirectional radiation pattern and simplicity of construction. VHF and beyond. The quarter wave vertical antenna possesses the attributes of many vertical antennas including the omnidirectional radiation, and vertically polarised signals. Basic quarter wavelength vertical antenna As the name suggests the quarter wave vertical antenna consists of a quarter wavelength vertical element. The antenna is what is termed "un-balanced" having one connection to the vertical element and using an earth connection or simulated earth connection to provide an image for the other connection. The voltage and current waveforms show that at the end the voltage rises to a maximum whereas the current falls to a minimum.
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End-fed wire antennas

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1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna Calculator

Wamback The monopole is one type of radio antenna known for its simplicity of construction and high efficiency in terms of the amount of radio signal effectively transmitted or received. Also known as a ground plane vertical antenna, the monopole is easy to design, and it is the antenna of choice for most radio broadcast stations, as well as for many commercial and amateur radio communications stations. Calculate the length eventual height of a wire monopole antenna by simply deciding what frequency you intend to transmit on and enter that information into an equation to figure the length of wire required. Step 1 Determine what frequency in megahertz MHz you intend to operate on and whether you have the space for and the ability to erect a quarter wavelength monopole antenna. Step 2 Choose where you will mount your antenna. If you will be mounting it on the ground, you will need a highly conductive moist soil.
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dual-band mobile antennas

Marine electronics installers and ham radio enthusiasts know this and will pay particular attention to getting antenna installations correct. Why are these elements so important and will the increasing use of satellite-based communications make the antenna issue a thing of the past? Any electrical conductor can act as an antenna — you just need electrons flowing through it.
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Search End-fed wire antennas While dipoles are very efficient antennas, they are not the only way to go. If you only have one support an end-fed antenna may suit you better. However, they can be a cheap and easy way to get a multi-band antenna up for the HF bands, but you must usually use an Antenna Tuning Unit ATU or other matching device. You must also have a good earth connection — not just the mains earth that the rig or power supply uses. You can also add perhaps four or more wire radials at least a quarter wave long at the lowest frequency of operation, running out from the earth stake along the ground in different directions.
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