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Tell me all the details," he whispered back. When the girls saw me standing there in my jersey and football pants Lauren and Tricia started walking towards me. Lauren walked up to me and put her arms around me, I put my hands on her wet body and let them slip to her ass. Her lips closed on mine and she let her tongue slip into my mouth slowly. My cock was rock hard now and my hands were busy squeezing Lauren's tight little butt, pulling her to me, her wet breasts soaked my jersey. Lauren began pulling my jersey over my head while she kissed my chest and licked at my nipples.

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The only constant is my stainless-steel chastity panties that always remain locked. Life as a Chastity Husband: A man's cuckold fantasy becomes a reality. Sissy tells 'chastity device' stories. Jun 30, - In the picture the model was also wearing a very severe corset so when in her fascination with fetish attire and even bondage with the chastity belt. Aug 28, - for tight bondage and even tighter corsets. Susan now wore a corset laced to twenty inches daily with the steel chastity belt locked over it, just. May 2, - Slave to Desire, a chasti-permalock story by DX.

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As she struggled to stand up, she pulled on the old oak wardrobe door, and it came off its hinges and almost flattened her. Inside the wardrobe, hanging neatly, are dresses, corsets and catsuits of all types and of all fabrics, but the main fabrics seem to be latex and rubber, and not one pair of trousers. Most of these outfits were very wacky and odd. She then walked over to her wardrobe, opened the other door very carefully, fearful that it too may fall off.
View pictures View movies Read stories Browse underwear Links to other sites Wiki Browse picture comments Browse movie comments Browse story comments Read website statistics Most popular pic searches Home Second Time Lucky This is an original story, but makes reference to equipment from the Chasti-Permalock Corporation, which was the inspiration for the story. See their website for more information. I loved him. I loved him without reservation. I would have given my life for him.
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